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MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView Class Referenceabstract

The interface to a function view. More...

#include <IFunctionView.h>

Inheritance diagram for MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView:


void attributePropertyChanged (const QString &attrName)
 Function attribute gets changed. More...
void copyToClipboardRequest ()
 User requested copy function to clipboard. More...
void currentFunctionChanged ()
 User selects a different (sub)function (or one of it's sub-properties) More...
void functionAdded (const QString &funStr)
 User adds a function. More...
void functionHelpRequest ()
 User requested function help. More...
void functionRemoved (const QString &functionIndex)
 User removes a function. More...
void functionRemovedString (const QString &funStr)
 User removes a function. More...
void functionReplaced (const QString &funStr)
 User replaces the whole function (eg, by pasting it from clipboard) More...
void globalsChanged (const QStringList &)
 User changed the list of global parameters. More...
void localParameterButtonClicked (const QString &parName)
 In multi-dataset context a button value editor was clicked. More...
void parameterChanged (const QString &paramName)
 Function parameter gets changed. More...
void parameterConstraintAdded (const QString &functionIndex, const QString &constraint)
 User sets a constraint. More...
void parameterConstraintRemoved (const QString &paramName)
 User removes a constraint. More...
void parameterTieChanged (const QString &parName, const QString &tie)
 User sets a tie. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual void clear ()=0
virtual void clearErrors ()=0
virtual boost::optional< QString > currentFunctionIndex () const =0
virtual IFunction::Attribute getAttribute (const QString &attrName) const =0
virtual double getParameter (const QString &paramName) const =0
virtual IFunction_sptr getSelectedFunction ()=0
virtual bool hasFunction () const =0
 IFunctionView (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
template<typename T >
void setAttributeValue (const QString &attributeName, T &value)
virtual void setErrorsEnabled (bool enabled)=0
virtual void setFunction (IFunction_sptr fun)=0
virtual void setGlobalParameters (const QStringList &)=0
virtual void setParameter (const QString &paramName, double value)=0
virtual void setParameterConstraint (const QString &paramName, const QString &constraint)=0
virtual void setParameterError (const QString &paramName, double error)=0
virtual void setParameterTie (const QString &paramName, const QString &tie)=0
virtual void showFunctionHelp (const QString &) const =0
virtual ~IFunctionView ()=default

Protected Member Functions

virtual void setBooleanAttribute (const QString &paramName, bool value)=0
virtual void setDoubleAttribute (const QString &paramName, double value)=0
virtual void setIntAttribute (const QString &paramName, int value)=0
virtual void setStringAttribute (const QString &paramName, std::string &value)=0
virtual void setVectorAttribute (const QString &paramName, std::vector< double > &val)=0

Detailed Description

The interface to a function view.

Definition at line 26 of file IFunctionView.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ IFunctionView()

MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::IFunctionView ( QWidget *  parent = nullptr)

Definition at line 29 of file IFunctionView.h.

◆ ~IFunctionView()

virtual MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::~IFunctionView ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ attributePropertyChanged

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::attributePropertyChanged ( const QString &  attrName)

Function attribute gets changed.

Referenced by MantidQt::MantidWidgets::FunctionTreeView::attributeChanged().

◆ clear()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::clear ( )
pure virtual

◆ clearErrors()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::clearErrors ( )
pure virtual

◆ copyToClipboardRequest

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::copyToClipboardRequest ( )

User requested copy function to clipboard.

Referenced by MantidQt::MantidWidgets::FunctionTreeView::copyToClipboard().

◆ currentFunctionChanged

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::currentFunctionChanged ( )

User selects a different (sub)function (or one of it's sub-properties)

Referenced by MantidQt::MantidWidgets::FunctionTreeView::updateCurrentFunctionIndex().

◆ currentFunctionIndex()

virtual boost::optional< QString > MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::currentFunctionIndex ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ functionAdded

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::functionAdded ( const QString &  funStr)

◆ functionHelpRequest

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::functionHelpRequest ( )

User requested function help.

Referenced by MantidQt::MantidWidgets::FunctionTreeView::createActions().

◆ functionRemoved

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::functionRemoved ( const QString &  functionIndex)

User removes a function.

Referenced by MantidQt::MantidWidgets::FunctionTreeView::removeFunction().

◆ functionRemovedString

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::functionRemovedString ( const QString &  funStr)

User removes a function.

Referenced by MantidQt::MantidWidgets::FunctionTreeView::removeFunction().

◆ functionReplaced

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::functionReplaced ( const QString &  funStr)

User replaces the whole function (eg, by pasting it from clipboard)

Referenced by MantidQt::MantidWidgets::FunctionTreeView::attributeChanged(), and MantidQt::MantidWidgets::FunctionTreeView::pasteFromClipboard().

◆ getAttribute()

virtual IFunction::Attribute MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::getAttribute ( const QString &  attrName) const
pure virtual

◆ getParameter()

virtual double MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::getParameter ( const QString &  paramName) const
pure virtual

◆ getSelectedFunction()

virtual IFunction_sptr MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::getSelectedFunction ( )
pure virtual

◆ globalsChanged

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::globalsChanged ( const QStringList &  )

◆ hasFunction()

virtual bool MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::hasFunction ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ localParameterButtonClicked

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::localParameterButtonClicked ( const QString &  parName)

In multi-dataset context a button value editor was clicked.

Referenced by MantidQt::MantidWidgets::FunctionTreeView::parameterButtonClicked().

◆ parameterChanged

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::parameterChanged ( const QString &  paramName)

Function parameter gets changed.

Referenced by MantidQt::MantidWidgets::FunctionTreeView::parameterPropertyChanged().

◆ parameterConstraintAdded

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::parameterConstraintAdded ( const QString &  functionIndex,
const QString &  constraint 

◆ parameterConstraintRemoved

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::parameterConstraintRemoved ( const QString &  paramName)

◆ parameterTieChanged

void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::parameterTieChanged ( const QString &  parName,
const QString &  tie 

◆ setAttributeValue()

template<typename T >
void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setAttributeValue ( const QString &  attributeName,
T &  value 

◆ setBooleanAttribute()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setBooleanAttribute ( const QString &  paramName,
bool  value 
protectedpure virtual

◆ setDoubleAttribute()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setDoubleAttribute ( const QString &  paramName,
double  value 
protectedpure virtual

◆ setErrorsEnabled()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setErrorsEnabled ( bool  enabled)
pure virtual

◆ setFunction()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setFunction ( IFunction_sptr  fun)
pure virtual

◆ setGlobalParameters()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setGlobalParameters ( const QStringList &  )
pure virtual

◆ setIntAttribute()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setIntAttribute ( const QString &  paramName,
int  value 
protectedpure virtual

◆ setParameter()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setParameter ( const QString &  paramName,
double  value 
pure virtual

◆ setParameterConstraint()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setParameterConstraint ( const QString &  paramName,
const QString &  constraint 
pure virtual

◆ setParameterError()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setParameterError ( const QString &  paramName,
double  error 
pure virtual

◆ setParameterTie()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setParameterTie ( const QString &  paramName,
const QString &  tie 
pure virtual

◆ setStringAttribute()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setStringAttribute ( const QString &  paramName,
std::string &  value 
protectedpure virtual

◆ setVectorAttribute()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::setVectorAttribute ( const QString &  paramName,
std::vector< double > &  val 
protectedpure virtual

◆ showFunctionHelp()

virtual void MantidQt::MantidWidgets::IFunctionView::showFunctionHelp ( const QString &  ) const
pure virtual

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