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FunctionBrowserUtils.h File Reference
#include "MantidAPI/IFunction_fwd.h"
#include "MantidQtWidgets/Common/DllOption.h"
#include <QString>
#include <boost/optional.hpp>
#include <string>
#include <vector>

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class  MantidQt::MantidWidgets::ScopedFalse


namespace  MantidQt
 The AlgorithmProgressDialogPresenter keeps track of the running algorithms and displays a progress bar for them, and a property list.
namespace  MantidQt::MantidWidgets


EXPORT_OPT_MANTIDQT_COMMON std::size_t MantidQt::MantidWidgets::getFunctionIndexAt (std::string const &parameter, std::size_t const &index)
 Returns the function index found at index of a parameter. More...
EXPORT_OPT_MANTIDQT_COMMON IFunction_sptr MantidQt::MantidWidgets::getFunctionWithPrefix (const QString &prefix, const IFunction_sptr &fun)
 Get a child function of a parent function whose parameters start with a given prefix. More...
EXPORT_OPT_MANTIDQT_COMMON bool MantidQt::MantidWidgets::isNumber (std::string const &str)
 Checks if a string contains a number, or whether it contains characters. More...
EXPORT_OPT_MANTIDQT_COMMON std::pair< QString, std::pair< QString, QString > > MantidQt::MantidWidgets::splitConstraintString (const QString &constraint)
EXPORT_OPT_MANTIDQT_COMMON std::pair< QString, std::pair< QString, QString > > MantidQt::MantidWidgets::splitConstraintString (const std::string &constraint)
 Split a constraint definition into a parameter name and a pair of bounds, for example -1 < f0.A1 < 2 ==> (f0.A1, (-1, 2)) More...
EXPORT_OPT_MANTIDQT_COMMON std::pair< QString, int > MantidQt::MantidWidgets::splitFunctionPrefix (const QString &prefix)
EXPORT_OPT_MANTIDQT_COMMON std::pair< QString, int > MantidQt::MantidWidgets::splitFunctionPrefix (const std::string &prefix)
 Split a function (eg f0.f3.f1.) into the parent prefix (f0.f3.) and the index of the child function (1). More...
EXPORT_OPT_MANTIDQT_COMMON std::pair< QString, QString > MantidQt::MantidWidgets::splitParameterName (const QString &paramName)
 Split a qualified parameter name into function index and local parameter name. More...
EXPORT_OPT_MANTIDQT_COMMON std::vector< std::string > MantidQt::MantidWidgets::splitStringBy (std::string const &str, std::string const &delimiter)
 Splits the string by the given delimiters. More...