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ConvertCWPDMDToSpectra.h File Reference
#include "MantidAPI/Algorithm.h"
#include "MantidAPI/IMDEventWorkspace_fwd.h"
#include "MantidGeometry/IDTypes.h"
#include "MantidKernel/V3D.h"
#include "MantidMDAlgorithms/DllConfig.h"

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class  Mantid::MDAlgorithms::ConvertCWPDMDToSpectra
 ConvertCWPDMDToSpectra : Convert one MDWorkspaces containing reactor-source powder diffractometer's data to single spectrum matrix workspace by merging and binning the detectors' counts by their 2theta value. More...


namespace  Mantid
 Helper class which provides the Collimation Length for SANS instruments.
namespace  Mantid::MDAlgorithms


double Mantid::MDAlgorithms::calcualte2ThetaFromQ (const double &q, const double &wavelength)
 Calculate detector's 2theta value from Q 2theta = 2*asin(lambda*Q/(4pi)) More...
double Mantid::MDAlgorithms::calculate2Theta (const Kernel::V3D &detpos, const Kernel::V3D &samplepos)
 Calculate 2theta value of detector postion from sample position. More...
double Mantid::MDAlgorithms::calculate2ThetaFromD (const double &dspace, const double &wavelength)
 Calcualte detector's 2theta value from d-spacing value 2theta = 2*asin(lamba/2/d) More...
double Mantid::MDAlgorithms::calculateDspaceFrom2Theta (const double &twotheta, const double &wavelength)
 Calculate d-space value from detector's position (2theta/theta) and wavelength. More...
double Mantid::MDAlgorithms::calculateQFrom2Theta (const double &twotheta, const double &wavelength)
 Calculate Q value from detector's positin (2theta/theta) and wavelength q = 2 k sin(theta) = (4 pi)/(lambda) * sin(theta) More...