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Mantid - Manipulation and Analysis Toolkit for Instrument Data -

API documentation

Program description:

The Mantid application framework will provide a platform to supports high-performance computing on neutron data. The framework will provide a set of common services, algorithms and data objects that can be extended further by specialised applications or directly by users if required. The main aims of the project are as follows

  • To provide a framework for Data Analysis that is not instrument or technique/dependent.
  • To support multiple target platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).
  • The framework must be easily extensible by Instruments Scientists/Users.
  • The framework must be freely redistributable to visiting scientists.
  • The framework should provide low-level functionalities for Scripting, Visualization, Data transformation, Implementing Algorithms, Virtual Instrument Geometry.
  • This will be bound to Data reduction and analysis, not Instrument Control.

The Mantid web page can be found at

Mantid uses the following libraries:

Boost, POCO, GSL, OpenCascade, muParser, zlib (1.2.3), and libNexus.